RGBW 1-4 Zone Touch Wall Panel M-Lite 14 (Black)

£33.80 Inc VAT

RGBW 1-4 Zone Touch Wall Panel is a flexible and easy to use wall panel unit which can be used to operate all types of RGB/RGBW Lighting.


It can control up to 4 zones of RGBW strip by linking to the ML5 receiver. Within each zone it is possible to connect multiple receivers to create larger installations.

It has a White button to give separate control over the white chip.

Very simple to pair with ML5 receivers – just set the receiver to pairing mode and press the zone key you wish to pair to the receiver – the green light will flash and that’s it!

Both RGB and W channels can be dimmed and the last used settings are retained in memory when the unit is switched off for immediate recall next time it is used.

Please note that this unit required a live and neutral feed to operate. It will fit into a standard, deep, back box.

It is possible to use this unit with RGB strip but the W button will have no function.

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M-Lite 14

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