If you’re planning the switch to LED light bulbs, check out these tips from Merkko LED Lighting.

LED light bulbs are increasingly popular throughout the world, and are absolutely perfect for domestic lighting, emergency lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and outdoor lighting. It’s now the norm to see LED street lights, and spotlighting in most major cities of the world. There are lots of reasons for the popularity of LED lighting, including…

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A quick guide to the different types of LED outdoor lighting

It can be difficult to know what type of LED outdoor lighting you should use and where they should be placed in your garden. Here we offer our quick guide on the different types of outdoor lighting and how to use them. LED lighting is practical, functional and can transform your garden into a relaxing…

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How LED lighting can improve the customer experience

Whatever type of shop you own, from a quiet little bookshop to a huge superstore or showroom, LED lighting has its place. LED lights can improve the customer experience for all of your visitors, making them the ideal choice for commercial lighting in businesses of every shape and size. But what exactly are some of…

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How can LED lighting brighten up your garden?

Having some kind of lighting in your garden and the outside space around your house is important for safety and comfort reasons alike. You need outdoor lighting for the very practical reason that it enables you to see what you’re doing when you go outside in the dark. This is especially important in winter, when…

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How to use LED strip tape in your kitchen

LED lighting is a popular lighting option for the modern home. This is because it is energy efficient and lasts an incredibly long time. In simplistic terms, it is both aesthetically pleasing and great value for money. LED lighting is forever evolving and one new exciting addition is that of LED strip tape. This type…

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Intrigued to know how LEDs can make that much of a difference to your showroom?

LED lighting isn’t just for the home. Discover how you can create inspirational showroom setups with the clever use of LED lightbulbs and more today. LED lighting is more popular than ever before when it comes to the homes of your customers. It’s the perfect low-cost, high-reward way to transform a room, from adding that…

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Set the mood with LED lighting for your retail showroom

LED lighting is more popular than ever before when it comes to the homes of your customers. It’s the perfect low-cost, high-reward way to transform a room, from adding that luxury glow to the kitchen to adding on-trend lighting to the living room. So when it comes to a retail showroom, if you’re not taking…

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What to consider when choosing LED emergency lighting

When encountering an emergency, it is essential that people can leave a building both quickly and safely. Without effective lighting, accidents and injuries are more likely to occur. You have a legal responsibility to install reliable lighting. When considering installing emergency LED lighting, here are a few factors that you need to think about. Glare…

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LED lighting: what are the advantages?

So you’re thinking of replacing your existing lights with LED lighting, or you’ve got a new room which needs to look absolutely top-spec. But what exactly are the advantages? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your domestic lighting or need a commercial lighting solution, LED lights are the surprisingly versatile answer to all your illumination needs,…

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Upgrading your property to LED lighting? Avoid these 5 common mistakes.

The LED lighting revolution is not slowing down with massive uptake for both residential and commercial lighting nationwide. People are switched on to the benefits of LED lighting. They are energy efficient and save money, are easy to maintain and can be used to create flexible and versatile lighting arrangements readily. If you are in…

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