Upgrading your property to LED lighting? Avoid these 5 common mistakes.

The LED lighting revolution is not slowing down with massive uptake for both residential and commercial lighting nationwide. People are switched on to the benefits of LED lighting. They are energy efficient and save money, are easy to maintain and can be used to create flexible and versatile lighting arrangements readily.

If you are in the process of embracing LED lighting as part of your renovation or lighting upgrade project it is important to plan your project carefully to avoid the following common LED Lighting mistakes and the additional costs required to remedy them.

5 Common LED Lighting Mistakes
1. Mistaking power consumption for a measure of light emitted. With traditional lightbulbs, the wattage was a reliable indicator of the light emission to be expected. Remember that LED lighting has far lower power consumption than traditional lighting, meaning a 40W LED bulb will not be equivalent to the traditional counterpart. Lumen Per Watt (LPW) is a far better measure.

2. Not considering how your light will be distributed – when upgrading to LED lighting you may experience a more concentrated and direct lighting distribution. This can be offset by how you arrange your lighting or use of diffusers.

3. Failure to check the compatibility of your LED lighting with existing fixtures – take advice on how your domestic lighting will be altered by using LEDs.

4. Using a poor quality or unreliable supplier – The marketplace is flooded with generic items such as LED strip tape and LED light bulbs. Poorer quality items have a propensity to fail prematurely or cause overheating. Look for the appropriate safety ratings and a guarantee of a good duration from a reputable supplier.

5. Underestimating the brightness of your lighting – LED lighting is powerful and can wash out a room. Industrial lighting may require strong lighting, but unlike clinical or corporate environments, domestic lighting needs to be far more nuanced and perhaps incorporate different types of lighting for best comfort and functionality.

For best results on your LED lighting project work with a lighting expert like Merkko LED Lighting. We have proven expertise in LED lighting across residential and commercial sectors and offer made to measure LED lighting solutions for an entirely bespoke service. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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