LED lighting: what are the advantages?

So you’re thinking of replacing your existing lights with LED lighting, or you’ve got a new room which needs to look absolutely top-spec. But what exactly are the advantages? Whether you’re looking to upgrade your domestic lighting or need a commercial lighting solution, LED lights are the surprisingly versatile answer to all your illumination needs, and we can prove it.

LED lighting is energy-efficient
This is a biggie. We all know that energy efficiency is becoming increasingly vital as the world changes and society adapts itself for a more eco-friendly future, and LED is the lighting solution of choice for any environmentally-conscious consumer. Did you know that LEDs turn their 70% of their energy into light, making them more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting? And that their average lifespan can be well over a decade? Try not to think too hard about all the time you’ve wasted on a ladder replacing your old lightbulbs.

It’s also adaptable and stylish
Tastes change, but LED lighting shows no signs of going out of fashion any time soon. The versatility of applications and instances where LEDs can be used means they are very customisable – you can turn them into a bold aesthetic feature of your home, or you can use LED strip lighting to provide a more subtle, tonal change to your living spaces. All manner of dimmers, downlights and customisable colour schemes means that no matter how bold or subdued you want to be in your decor choices, there’s an LED choice which will suit you.

It’s more reliable
Think of LED lighting as a tough, no-nonsense addition to your household hardware: no dainty filaments and fragile glass, just hardy and temperature-resistant construction that produces far less heat than traditional alternatives. When you’re kitting out your home, you naturally want to be sure you’re installing items that will last a long time: well, let’s just say that LED is here to stay.

LED lighting is also cheaper
With a much longer lifespan for each bulb, not only will you save on hassle in replacing them, but over time you’ll also find that your outgoings on bulbs will significantly decrease. LED bulbs very gradually dim in brightness over time rather than blinking out unexpectedly after a matter of months, so you won’t find yourself scrabbling around for the flashlight on your phone, and rattling the bulb in your ear to see if the filament really has gone…

It’s safer
Anyone who was a curious child will tell you that touching a lightbulb “just to see what it feels like” is a recipe for a sore finger. Put frankly, incandescent lightbulbs can be a serious risk. Not only can they get very hot, but they can also pose a fire risk when they’re position close to curtains and other fabrics. With LED, the heat produced is significantly reduced, and the sleek and recessed nature of its installation make it a much less clunky addition to the home.

It can even increase the value of your house
Recent consumer reports indicate that domestic LED lighting is so desirable for house-hunters that it can increase the value of a property by up to 3%. Not only is it a hallmark of an energy-efficient home, but it’s also a sign of recent and considerate remodelling of your living spaces – and in the cut and thrust housing market, any advantage counts! Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes: wouldn’t you be swayed towards a property if you knew it was demonstrably more energy-efficient?

So now you know: there are myriad reasons to go for LED lighting, no matter the scale or nature of your project. You’ll be reaping the many benefits as soon as you install, and you’ll enjoy them for much longer, too.

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