If you’re planning the switch to LED light bulbs, check out these tips from Merkko LED Lighting.

LED light bulbs are increasingly popular throughout the world, and are absolutely perfect for domestic lighting, emergency lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and outdoor lighting. It’s now the norm to see LED street lights, and spotlighting in most major cities of the world.

There are lots of reasons for the popularity of LED lighting, including increased cost efficiencies and sustainability. If you’re wondering whether to upgrade your home to LED lighting, this brief guide offers up answers to some of the most common LED light bulbs and lighting queries.

Reason to choose LED lighting
One of the best reasons to make the switch over to LEDs for domestic lighting is because traditional lighting eats up energy during the hours of darkness. You can make the switch to 100% LED lighting over time. And although many people say the brightness of LEDs is a little off putting, there are lots of different “temperatures” for LED light bulbs.

Kelvin scale for LED light bulbs
The light “temperatures” of LEDs are measured in Kelvin units, with the brightest white shade measuring 10,000 on the Kelvin scale, warm whites at around 2,700, and candlelight effects at 1,000.

Are LED light bulbs cheaper than low energy bulbs?
Although low energy bulbs are cheaper than LEDs, the retail price of LED light bulbs is going down all the time. Also, you’ve got to factor in how much it costs to run traditional lights. You could pay around £80 each year to run just four spotlights in the home, yet LEDs would only cost about £7 to run for the entire year.

Can you replace the old GU10 halogen bulbs with LEDs?
There are LED light bulbs that can be used to replace these halogen bulbs, so you won’t need to worry about fitting an entirely new light. In some cases, you could need to fit LED drivers, and you can browse the Merkko website to find out more.

Can I buy dimmable LED light bulbs
LED lighting work really well with dimmable lights, you just need to check out the labels before purchasing any bulbs to make sure they can be used in this way.

Do LED light bulbs really last for years?
The lifespan of LED lighting depends very much on quality. If you buy cheaper bulbs they may only last a few months, so it’s worth paying a little more to get a long life, better quality LED lighting you deserve.

Will I need to change my light circuit at home before fitting LED lights?
It is possible to optimise the voltage in domestic properties, but the costs of this work don’t really justify the task. Optimised voltage probably won’t add lengthier LED lifespan, so it’s not something you need to do.

Merkko LED Lighting all your domestic and commercial lighting requirements
When you decide to make the switch to LED lighting, the experts here at Merkko are with you every step of the way. Whether you need to clarify the exact levels and shades of light of any of our LED lighting products, or if you’re thinking of adding LED strip lights to kitchen cupboards, we can help you make the buying decision needed.

We know that LED lighting is the way forward for all consumers; in the home and workplace, and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with any customers. Browse our blog to find out more reasons to make the switch to LED lighting now. Or give us a quick call to discuss your residential or commercial lighting requirements in more detail.

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