How to use LED strip tape in your kitchen

LED lighting is a popular lighting option for the modern home. This is because it is energy efficient and lasts an incredibly long time. In simplistic terms, it is both aesthetically pleasing and great value for money. LED lighting is forever evolving and one new exciting addition is that of LED strip tape. This type of lighting is flexible, can be placed anywhere and is particularly useful for adding a light source to a dark kitchen. Below we explore how to use LED strip tape in the kitchen.

The LED strip tape light
Let’s start by saying that LED strip tape is thin, lightweight and flexible. It is sold in varying lengths on a reel, that makes it incredibly easy to apply the strip to wherever it is needed in the kitchen. The printed circuit board (PCB) features tiny LED lights that give the appearance of a smooth, flat, continuous light strip. LED strip tape comes in all different colours and varying shades of white. Adding a dimmer and an LED controller also allows you to control the intensity of the light.

Add lights along the kitchen plinth
LED strip tape is very easy to apply and use along the kitchen plinth. As the tape is flexible, this means it can be laid along corners and any other obstacles that come in their way. Softer and subtle colours such as warm white, yellows and amber that are on a 5-watt LED strip tape are the obvious choices when you want to create ambient lighting. You can also install LED strip tape behind the plinth so that you can create a type of halo effect.

LED strip tape under the cabinets
One of the most popular uses for LED strip tape in the kitchen is under kitchen cabinets. This is because it produces an attractive working light, as these lights can be incredibly bright and a welcome alternative to bulky fluorescent lighting. A 15-watt white LED strip tape is perfect for creating just the right amount of worktop light.

Personalise your kitchen space
You can use LED strip tape to add interest and character to your kitchen. Install this lighting above kitchen cabinets to give a sense of extra light and space in the room. Add strip tape around a noticeboard or mirror. You could even add LED strip tape along shelving to help add definition, and to add colour when the main kitchen lighting is switched off.

Choice of colour
Your choice of colour can help create your chosen mood. Yellow is always a good option when you want to add warmth to a cold or dark kitchen. Blue adds that contemporary and cool vibe, especially when teamed with black appliances. Red can also be used as night time lighting to create that romantic atmosphere. You can also install LED strip tape so that it can change colour, depending on the time of day and the mood you wish to create.

Here at Merkko we have a wide and exciting range of LED strip tape lighting that is perfect for use in your kitchen. It’s available in a range of colours, lengths and we also sell accessories such as LED drivers and LED controllers to help you manage your lighting options. To learn more, please do browse our website or get in touch with us today.

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