How LED lighting can improve the customer experience

Whatever type of shop you own, from a quiet little bookshop to a huge superstore or showroom, LED lighting has its place. LED lights can improve the customer experience for all of your visitors, making them the ideal choice for commercial lighting in businesses of every shape and size.

But what exactly are some of the benefits of LED lighting?
LED lights work instantly
In the past, lights would take time to warm up. They’d be dim when first switched on, and would gradually get brighter over time. LED lights work straight away, which gives you more fine-tuned control. As soon as you need them, lights will be ready to go.

LED lights are safer
LED lights are very energy efficient, converting 80-90% of energy into light. Very little is lost as heat. For you, that means bright lighting without the expensive bills. For your customers, a clear view without the risk of very hot light bulbs. If a customer accidentally touches an LED bulb, they’ll find that it’s cool and won’t hurt them. Other types of bulb can be hot, which makes them a lot less safe.

LED lights are sensory-friendly
People with sensory difficulties can struggle with traditional shop lighting, which often includes fluorescent bulbs and lights that constantly flicker.

LED lights provide an improved customer experience for those with sensory issues. Allowing you to make your shop more inclusive and comfortable, simply by switching to LED light bulbs.

You’ll have more design flexibility
Lighting is a big part of the customer experience. You can use light to emphasise products, create atmosphere and direct attention. With LED lighting, you’ll have complete control. You can control light colour, shade and brightness, using LED ceiling lights, wall lights and strip tape to highlight your products in-store.

LED lights last longer
LED light bulbs last longer than other types. In fact, the average LED bulb lasts for 15 years. For you, that’s great news. It means that maintaining your shop lighting will be easier and cheaper. It’s also a benefit for customers.

Often, when customers walk around shops, they’ll see bulbs that are no longer working. This looks unprofessional and is more common if you can’t keep up with light maintenance. With LED light bulbs, you have a far lower chance of your customers seeing lights that aren’t working.

LED light bulbs make your shop more welcoming
Even without the sensory issues that we mentioned earlier, nobody likes to walk into a shop and be blinded by bright shop lights. With LED lights, in all sorts of varieties, you can create a more welcoming environment.

Illuminate displays, and use warm colours that look more inviting from outside. Soft, warm LED lights are less jarring than bright white bulbs.

LED lights can improve customer safety
As well as being safer because they’re cool to the touch, LED lights can be used to make your shop a lot safer. LED strip lights can highlight stairs, so that they’re not a trip hazard. Directional lights can highlight the parts of your shop that the ceiling lights can’t always reach.

Use LED light bulbs to increase visibility, and can also be used under counters to make things easier for staff.

Making the switch to LED lighting
Making the switch to LED lighting has many benefits if you run a shop, a large store or a big warehouse. You don’t have to change everything at once, if that seems like too much trouble or too much of financial investment. Small changes, and little switches, are the first steps to better shop lighting.

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