How can LED lighting brighten up your garden?

Having some kind of lighting in your garden and the outside space around your house is important for safety and comfort reasons alike.

You need outdoor lighting for the very practical reason that it enables you to see what you’re doing when you go outside in the dark. This is especially important in winter, when it’s highly likely you will leave your house for work in the dark and return in the dark.

LED lighting outside your home is also important if you want to socialise in your garden. If you want to have a summer garden party or a barbecue that runs on into the night, the warm glow of outside LED lights creates a relaxing, comfortable, luxurious vibe that will make your guests feel right at home as they enjoy food, drink and company.

So how can you make the most of outside LED lighting?

1. Get an exterior wall light
One of the most common types of outside LED lighting is the exterior wall light.

You can place them at different points on the outside of your house, concentrating the light in areas you know you will need it and leaving out areas where you never go.

These wall lights come in different shapes, sizes and designs so you can choose your favourite and match the lights to the design you’re going for.

While materials vary, outside LED lighting should be very weatherproof and hard-wearing. If it’s made of something like stainless steel, you know it’s going to survive against the elements.

2. Choose solar lights
With our planet in an environmental crisis, most people are looking for little ways they can help to live greener and reduce their carbon footprint in everyday life. Outside solar LED lights are a perfect example of this.

There are zero electricity and maintenance costs with these lights. You put them up quickly, easily and wire-free and let them work their magic.

They charge when they get sunlight and, with this example, six hours of sunlight provides three days of illumination.

These lights automatically switch to standby glow mode when it gets dark and they get brighter when occupancy is detected.

3. Light up from below
Floor lighting is also a beautiful way to illuminate your garden.

Floodlights can be placed in whatever position or location you need, whether that’s immediately at the back of your house on a patio, where you might sit to enjoy summer evenings, or whether it’s at the back where you’ve got the vegetable patch!

4. Create a light chain
You may even decide to create a beautiful pattern via floodlights on the ground.

Why not choose smaller floodlights and line a pathway or the side of your garden, so people can enjoy walking around your outside space even when it gets dark?

5. Illuminate your workspace
What’s fantastic about LED lighting such as floodlights is that they can be used for practical reasons as well as to make your outside space look inviting.

Floodlights are often used in garages, workshops or other outside workspaces.

6. Go mobile
With mobile LED lights for outside, you don’t have to depend on power at the mains, leaving you free to put them wherever you like, in your front or back garden or around the sides of your house.

Whether they’re solar-powered, as mentioned, or they use batteries, it’s just great to use outside LED lighting that doesn’t need to be connected to the mains.

7. Light up your signs
If you’re feeling like taking your outside lighting to the next level, how about considering a light-up sign to put on the wall of your house?

You can get light-up LED signs displaying your house number and name, or another message.

Think about how useful this would be if someone is visiting your house for the first time in the dark and needs to locate your house number.

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