A quick guide to the different types of LED outdoor lighting

It can be difficult to know what type of LED outdoor lighting you should use and where they should be placed in your garden. Here we offer our quick guide on the different types of outdoor lighting and how to use them.

LED lighting is practical, functional and can transform your garden into a relaxing outdoor space. LED outdoor lighting includes lights for paths, lights to illuminate any sculptures or plants, and practical patio lighting. If you want to introduce LED lighting to your outdoor space then carry on reading. Here we share our quick guide on the different types of LED outdoor lighting and how you should use them.

Garden LED spike lights
An LED garden spike light consists of an LED light that is mounted on a spike, which is then inserted into the ground. These can be battery-powered or plugged into the mains. The real beauty of this type of LED outdoor lighting is that it is incredibly flexible and can be placed anywhere in the garden that needs additional light.

Bollard LED lighting
This type of outdoor lights come in a range of styles and emit a large circle of light. Just think of them as a type of street light for your outdoor space. This type of LED outdoor lights is generally used for driveways when there needs to be a good source of light for safety reasons.

Outdoor LED spotlights
When we think of LED lights, what automatically springs to mind are LED spotlights. You may think that they can only be used indoors, but actually, there are outdoor LED spotlights too. These outdoor lights are usually mains operated. They can be placed along any paths, strung along walls or even hung from plants and trees.

LED wall lights
If you want to illuminate the wall near a bench or along a patio area, and want to do so in a decorative manner, then the ideal light to choose is the LED wall light. These come in a range of styles, colours and materials so that they can complement your overall garden design and decor.

LED floodlights
This type of outdoor lighting is most generally used as security lighting and is most often triggered via a movement sensor. These LED lights are bright and cover a large area, so they can illuminate an entire small garden or driveway. Sometimes they are used to highlight trees or walls in larger gardens.

Deck LED lighting
As the name suggests, these outdoor lights are used on wooden decks. This is for both functional and decorative reasons. They are often placed around the edge of the deck, near any balustrade, or can form a decorative pattern in a variety of colours. They are usually mains operated.

Step LED lights
LED lights are fantastic when placed along with steps in your garden. They help to illuminate each step and add that extra layer of safety, especially when you have young children. LED step lights can be solar-powered, mains or even battery powered.

LED string and lantern lights
If you want to add a selection of decorative lights to your garden, then strings of LED lights or elaborate LED lanterns are the natural choice. These are generally used in the summer and spring months, and as they are fully flexible they can be placed anywhere and moved when not needed.

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